Corporate Law

We advise national and international companies on a wide range of activities: starting with the incorporation of a Romanian entity/subsidiary and following with mergers, spin-offs, changes of legal form, changes of the shareholders structure and their eventual dissolution. In addition, we also offer advice and legal support for the establishment of joint ventures and Public-Private Partnerships.

We provide corporate legal advice such as:

  • establishing all forms of companies in Romania;
  • opening a subsidiary/representative office;
  • preparing the initial articles of incorporation and subsequent updates or revisions;
  • drafting and conveying general meetings of shareholders
  • drafting and negotiation of share option agreements and shareholders’ agreements;
  • preparing all documents for merger, spin-offs, reorganization and dissolution;
  • exit of shareholder;

Commercial Contracts

Contracts are the core of your business. We take care of each important step that a business is making by drafting, negotiating and following the execution of each and every clause of the contracts.
We deliver clear, enforceable and cost-effective commercial contracts that enable our clients to formalize their new business opportunities and partnerships.

We offer advice on a wide range of commercial contracts such as:

  • sale-purchase agreements;
  • lease agreements;
  • license and franchising agreements;
  • service and maintenance agreements;
  • manufacturing and distribution agreements;

Energy and Natural Resources

Energy is a fast -growing industry all over the world and Romania is no exception. In the past 10 years, our team was involved in some of the largest renewable energy projects (photovoltaic& wind farms, biomass plants) developed in Romania. Our experience in the field enables us to provide effective and thorough legal services for the entire range of investments in the energy sector.

Our team provides legal advice on the following:

  • regulatory matters related to energy generation, electricity distribution and supply and energy trading;
  • all types of agreements to be concluded during the development of the energy projects;
  • service agreements for technical measurements;
  • permits and agreements for connection to the energy network;
  • permits for developing and operation of the renewable energy project;
  • electricity sale purchase agreements;
  • agreements for the construction and maintenance of the energy plant;
  • due diligence on renewable projects;
  • project finance;

Real Estate & Construction

With an experience of more than a decade in legal counseling real estate developers, construction companies and property managers in relation to commercial, logistic, residential and mixed-use real estate matters.

Our team offers advice in the following areas:

  • zoning and land use;
  • regulatory and permitting matters concerning a real estate;
  • sale-purchase transactions;
  • lease agreements;
  • Property Management agreements;
  • construction & engineering agreements
  • real estate financing


Employees play a key role in the development of any business and, usually, the relationship between the employer and the employees raises the most sensitive and challenging issues. We approach these matters with the utmost care and endeavor to find the best solutions in order to avoid any conflicts.

We advise and represent our clients in the field of individual and collective labor and provide support for both consulting and litigation purposes, mainly on the following:

  • drafting and negotiation of employment contracts;
  • management agreements;
  • warnings, dismissals and amicable termination;
  • transfer and secondment;
  • employee benefits;
  • disputes related to labour law;

Dispute Resolution

We are focusing our advice in preventing disputes and avoiding long-term and costly litigations. In those cases where out-of-court settlement is not possible, we advise our client in a wide range of disputes regarding employment relationships, contracts, real estate, administrative and taxation.
By taking the time needed to understand your business and legal priorities, our litigation attorneys are capable to deliver sensible and practical solutions.

Our team regularly advises businesses on:

  • the opportunities and risks that a legal dispute may generate;
  • drafting the settlement agreement;
  • drafting and filing the legal action and assistance in front of courts of law;
  • enforcement proceedings;

Community projects

Our team understands the importance of community in our daily life and its role in making the world a better place by protecting the environment and wildlife, people’s health and combat climate change. Therefore, we also advise NGOs and entrepreneurs that are involved in activities improving their communities’ life.

Together with ASOP Romania, our team has worked at the amendments to law no. 24/2007 regarding the regulation and management of the green spaces located inside towns with the aim to clarify the provisions of the law and increase the protection measures over green spaces.

We eagerly and successfully assisted ASOP Vest in a litigation against Timisoara City Hall in order to cancel the decision for the approval of Timisoara Green Spaces Register and to force the authorities to draft and adopt a register containing all green spaces, thus ensuring the protection over all green spaces.